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JAMES HIDER is the South America Correspondent for The Times of London, based in Brazil. He is the former Middle East Bureau Chief for the paper and spent more than a decade reporting from the region on its long and violent conflicts.

His first book, 'The Spiders of Allah' was a critically praised memoir of those years. It won a BOOKLIST Editors' Choice Award and was voted one of MOTHER JONES Top Books of The Year.

His Science Fiction debut, 'Cronix' is the first in a planned trilogy.

The next installment, 'The Cronix Oracle', will be published shortly.



The First In A New Trilogy

"Downright 'Gibsonian'"

Jeremy Bailenson, author of 'Infinite Reality'

Most of us think of Immortality as a blissful state...

The man known to history simply as 'The Missing Link', has been hiding out in the woods. Luis Oriente was the product of an experiment to capture and synthesize the human mind. In ultra human form, he has spent centuries fleeing his past, living a quiet life away from prying eyes...