George Michael and the Robot Jihadists

November 08, 2014

Category: Fiction

Having previously written a book about holy war, there were obviously a lot of religious influences in Cronix -- Buddhism and reincarnation, the Bible and its temperamental, genocidal god (not one genocide, but two -- go God!!) suicide cults and of course the Mexican cult of Santa Muerte, whose followers revere a skeletal version of the Virgin Mary in a bridal gown who is believed to bring good luck. But often when I was writing and thinking of these mythologies, the words of another great philosopher kept ringing in my head. Yes, I'm talking about George Michael: in his song Freedom, there's the following line:


All we have to do now
Is take these lies and make them true



What if we did? What if that is what's happening right now, in AI labs and VR developments and advanced brain scanning. Elon Musk, one of the leading tech pioneers of today, recently warned that AI poses one of the biggest threats to humanity and that it could unleash our “demons” (as if our demons needed help being unleashed) But more worryingly, what if it unleashed gods? One of the world's top artificial intelligence researchers, Hugo de Garis, has warned of a coming "Artilect War", where god-like artificial intellects and those who want to build them will fight against those who don't. Religious wars among robots? And they called Battle Star Galactica science fiction.