After Paris: The importance of names

November 17, 2015

Category: Non Fiction

After Paris, there is now an endless debate now over whether ISIS are "really" Muslims or whether Muslims are somehow covert supporters of ISIS, and whether a strict reading of the Koran actually supports their insanity. So why not just call them what they really are, and that is fascists: fascists hate anything that is not them, basically, and want to exterminate anyone who doesn't adhere to their own strict narrow ideology. That ideology can come from Christianity, Islam, or even a warped misunderstanding of science and philosophy, as in Nazi Germany. There is no easy cure for it, because it preys on all sorts of human weaknesses -- fear of the other, hatred, tribalism and insecurity about who you are and where you fit in. You stamp out personal insecurity with mass hatred, and back it up with appalling acts of violence to bind you to your fellow believers. Europeans indulged in it by the millions 70 years ago, Americans have flirted with it, and it has landed in all sorts of other places, from Latin America to Cambodia. ISIS is only its latest manifestation, and for sure won't be its last