"‘Spiders’ is, by turns, hilarious, sardonic, and visceral. It’s a first-class war memoir, with a bow to Vonnegut and Brecht."

Tim McGirk, TIME

"A masterpiece...a work of great authority written with wit and wisdom."

Tim Butcher, author of 'Blood River'

"Hider's voice is incisive and rich in the human detail that only first-hand experience bestows. An essential work for anyone wishing to understand the swirling machinations of Iraq, its people and its war."

Anthony Loyd, author of 'My War Gone By, I Miss it So'

"This book is downright "Gibsonian". The opening chapter not only pulls you in but forces a physiological reaction. Hider, who used to chase bombs for a living as a reporter in the Mideast, is a genius at twisting the reader's comfort zone, and challenging our assumptions of what it means to be a human being. Most of us think about immortality as a blissful state. 'Cronix' relieves of us this fallacy right quick, and provides an astonishingly fun ride ."

Jeremy Bailenson, author of 'Infinite Reality'

The Cronix Oracle

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